Karl Storz Image 1

Industrial endoscopes allow surgeons to see inside their patients during surgery, helping them accurately and safely perform their procedures. One of the most popular endoscopic cameras on the market today is the Karl Storz Image 1 HD. Doctors have the option of buying new or endoscopic light source refurbished. The Karl Storz product line offers a range of benefits for medical professionals seeking to provide their patients with the best possible care.

Benefits of Karl Image 1 HD

The image1HD is a high-resolution, fully integrated endoscopy system with unique versatility and ergonomics. Many options include the Power LED 175 light source, Karl Storz h3-z camera head, and the 495g Karl Storz.

STORZ Image 1HD HUB Camera Control Unit

Through an endoscope camera that is designed to be attached to the endoscope, pure fiberoptic endoscopes can function as monitors. With the Storz SCB Image 1 Hub 222010 20, you can connect the Image1 Full HD and Image1 standard one and three-chip cameras.

This unit provides printing capabilities and still imaging, movie capture, and out-of-the-box image printing with the push of a button on the camera head. An SCB interface on the CCU enables OR integration. In addition, SD-SDI interfaces are available for long-range video transmission.

The Karl Storz S-Technologies provide surgeons with a homogenous illumination, enhanced contrast, or alternative visualizations of various areas through a color shift.


A variety of quality and resolution monitors are available for viewing endoscopic images transmitted by video processors or digital cameras. The Karl Storz Image 1 has a resolution of 920 x 1080Pixel. Several input options are available, including RGB, S-video, and composite.

Video Processor

A video display displays images from the CCU and patient data, annotations on a captured image, or device statistics. The system consists of at least one of the following options: (1) 26-inch HD monitors (2) 24-inch HD monitors.

Light Sources

An endoscope illuminates the surgical area. This system comes with at least one of the following features:

  • Lightweight LED 175Dimensions: 12 × 4.3 × 9.2 in (W × H × D)
  • There are the following features on the front panel: power switch, brightness control buttons, light cable port, standby button, a light intensity gauge, and SCB ID display (for use with Karl Storz Communication Bus).

Keyboard and Mouse

For nurses and technicians to access the control menu, they need a keyboard and mouse. It is useful for starting and stopping images, changing camera settings, and connecting to Image 1 Connect. It converts extensive front panel controls into an easy-to-use control menu.

Information Management Device

It captures and stores images and videos of the procedure, patient IDs, and type of procedure. The device supports either the AIDA HD Connect with Smart Screen with Dimensions of 12 × 6.4 × 13.9 in (W × H × D). It also has a front panel: power switch, power indicator, USB port, and CD/DVD drive.

Karl Storz is one of the most innovative companies in the world. They are known for their high-quality surgical equipment and accessories that help surgeons perform safe and precise procedures. Using these products can provide you with several benefits, and investing in them now could help you save money in the future.

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