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Holistic Treatment in Pennsylvania

Recovering from substance use disorder is a complex process.

The mind, body, and spirit of a person are linked, and one cannot remain healthy while the others are in turmoil.

While medications, counseling, mindfulness, and other therapies are all conducive to healing, none can accomplish the task on their own because they address only one aspect of recovery.

A holistic approach to treating substance use disorder addresses all parts of the client. By using a whole-person approach, treatment can address the underlying contributors to SUD instead of simply focusing on the symptoms. Together, these varied modalities of treatment can produce outcomes for those in recovery.

Recovery Cove’s holistic mental health and drug addiction treatment program in PA uses a variety of methods to treat the whole individual, improving opportunities for long-term recovery.

What Is the Holistic Approach to SUD Treatment?

When a person is deep in the throes of a substance abuse disorder, leaving behind hobbies and pastimes that they once loved is commonplace. Losing hold of these things that grounds them is difficult, and they often begin to isolate themselves from people and things they enjoy in favor of these new routines. Enjoying life without the influence of substances starts to become unthinkable or impossible. In addition, mental health issues, life stresses, and other components can lead to increased substance use in an attempt to avoid challenges.

Holistic treatment involves a focus on each aspect of a substance use disorder, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological needs rather than focusing on treating the symptoms associated with SUD. In other words, a holistic approach to recovery dissects the substance use disorder to find contributing factors.

Once these are discovered, Recovery Cove’s staff can work with you to develop a personalized approach to treatment with the therapies, activities, social support, counseling, and medical support needed. You’ll get to learn more about yourself and rediscover things you once loved while also learning ways to cope with your triggers and prepare to return to life outside of treatment.

Why Holistic Treatment Is Effective

Treatment programs that use a number of approaches to focus on the whole person can be customized to the individual rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all method. With a program carefully tailored to your unique mental health, physical, and emotional needs, you can address each underlying contributor to your SUD. Similarly, you can improve your mind, body, and spirit by focusing on each aspect of yourself during treatment.

Holistic treatment programs enable you to identify co-existing mental health concerns and treat them along with substance use disorder so that all the aspects of your well-being are addressed. Without holistic treatment, addressing substance dependence and ignoring mental health concerns can quickly lead to relapse. Similarly, addressing physical symptoms without putting whole-person strategies in place to deal with triggers is setting you up for failure once treatment ends.

However, with our holistic approach to SUD treatment, Recovery Cove can address the many unique components of your SUD and develop the skills you need to maintain recovery.

How Addiction Affects the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Addiction can have a devastating effect on every aspect of your well-being, which is why it is so important to address each of them in recovery.


Long-term substance use can alter the way the brain works by essentially rewiring the brain’s normal pathways. Neurotransmitters like dopamine, so important to mood and motivation, are replaced by chemical compounds found in drugs and alcohol. Over time, the brain requires more and more to maintain normal function. Eventually, repeated substance use can affect decision-making processes, memory, mood, and more.


Sustained substance use takes a serious toll on the human body. While the way that a substance affects the body varies depending on the substance in question, you may experience a weakened immune system, liver and kidney damage, malnutrition, headaches, seizures, and more.

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When your mental and physical health are damaged by addiction, your ability to enjoy life is severely impaired. You may make negative changes to routines, lose healthy habits, quit doing things you enjoy, and even isolate yourself from loved ones. All of this can lead to a detachment from the world around you and contribute to loneliness, despair, and more.

Our holistic approach to treatment provides you with multiple methods of addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about our methods below.

What Are Holistic Approach Methods?

At Recovery Cove, our holistic treatment program is multifaceted and geared toward the mind, body, and spirit of each individual client who crosses our threshold. We take care to place the person at the center of our treatment program rather than the diagnosis. That’s why, aside from counseling, individual and group therapy sessions, medication-assisted treatment, and a variety of other research-backed treatments, we offer holistic therapies, as well.

Learn more about the therapies available at Recovery Cove:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapy is often part of a holistic approach, and it is critical to our treatment program at Recovery Cove. Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to help you focus on how your negative feelings and thoughts can lead to harmful actions so you can replace them with positive ones. It also addresses triggers and can give you ways to cope and handle difficult situations.

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Acupuncture is another aspect that can be incorporated into a holistic treatment program. Acupuncture has been used for over a thousand years to address various physical and mental health issues. When coupled with other treatments, it can help improve many mental and physical aspects of your recovery.


While remaining physically active is important for anyone at any stage of life, people in recovery from SUD can reap additional benefits. Exercise can help to free the mind of any emotional distress and help you let go of the negative. Exercising can release endorphins as well, which can help you feel better and improve your mood. In addition, a fit body can recover from the damage of substance use more quickly.

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Art Therapy

Through artistic practice, you can learn more about yourself and perhaps even achieve calm and relaxation. Art therapy can include painting, pottery, and more, but the value is in the experiences and the insights these practices may provide rather than the product. Many people leave holistic treatment with a new hobby or skill.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can help you remain in the here and now rather than spending all your time in the past. Utilizing meditation, deep breathing, and other mindfulness practices can help you focus on your present self and make choices that benefit your future self rather than adhering to the ways of your old self. It also enables you to pause and assess a trigger or stressful event as it occurs and until it passes.

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Who Can Benefit from Holistic Addiction Treatment?

At Recovery Cove, we recognize that SUD and mental health concerns frequently exacerbate one another. While anyone can benefit from holistic treatment, we especially recommend a holistic program for anyone who has tried rehab and has been unsuccessful and those who use substances to cope with anxiety or other forms of mental health issues. However, this kind of approach is helpful for anyone who knows that they deserve more out of life than being trapped by their addiction.

The beauty of the holistic approach is in its personalized quality; there are just as many ways to address the whole person as there are unique individual needs. Because holistic approaches look beyond the exterior manifestations of addiction, they can be much more effective at reaching people who have not responded well to treatment in the past.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

There are a few advantages to a holistic treatment approach that other kinds of treatment don’t offer.


Plans can be customized to the individual needs of each client so that they’re getting the best programs for their needs. This means that nearly everyone can find a combination that will suit their particular set of circumstances.

Better Sense of Care

Holistic treatment is a person-first method approach instead of an addiction-first method. Because this kind of program works to assist the whole person by incorporating a wide range of treatments, people frequently feel as though they receive better care. When your treatment plan is well-suited to you and your needs, you are more likely to feel satisfied with its results.
suit their particular set of circumstances.

Improved Self-Esteem

Clients completing a holistic treatment program often mention how they’ve gotten their lives back. SUD has the opposite effect: it takes away a person’s sense of purpose. With a holistic approach, you can take multiple avenues to regain and redevelop your sense of self.
suit their particular set of circumstances.

Better Coping Skills

When people in recovery lack coping mechanisms, the risk of relapse is far greater. Stress is frequently a major trigger for those suffering from addiction, and without a way to cope, relapse can feel imminent. Holistic SUD treatment exposes you to various opportunities to learn coping mechanisms and select those that work best for you.

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suit their particular set of circumstances.

Improved Overall Well-Being

Treating all the facets of your addiction doesn’t just help you achieve recovery from SUD. It can also help you address multiple areas of your well-being. You may experience improved mood, better physical health, and reduced mental health symptoms. This may be the best benefit of all: the ability to regain your life.

Holistic Treatment Supports the Pillars of Recovery

Recovery Cove stands by the Four Pillars of Recovery. These pillars are the basis for a successful recovery and are paramount in everything we do:


Healing refers to the mind, body, and spirit. You must be healthy in all these aspects to achieve long-term recovery. Exercise, mindfulness, therapy, healthy habits, and healthy foods are all ways to remain healthy and successful in recovery, and all are components of a holistic approach to SUD treatment.


Building a stable life and moving on from your old habits are incredibly important ways to maintain recovery. While growth can look different for everyone, you must generally find a sense of purpose to attain growth. This can be through a career, education, or simply moving from active substance use to long-term recovery. Holistic recovery programs can help you address all aspects of your life that could use growth.

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Being able to connect and build a sense of community helps you stay accountable. A sense of community can also help you build coping strategies that will assist in your recovery goals. Connecting with friends and family, community members, and even giving back is an incredible way to build a healthy life. Holistic recovery helps you develop multiple areas of your life and build connections.


This last pillar is a very important one. You should be prepared to live a life supportive of your recovery. Building a support system that will stick with you during your recovery, helping other people in recovery, joining a group, or working to rebuild the relationships that you may have lost along the way can help you do so. Being able to live your life after addiction is the reason for working toward recovery.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Holistic treatment at Recovery Cove works to help our clients build new, healthy habits and new, healthy lives after the program is complete. We want to help you identify triggers and underlying contributors to your SUD so that you are prepared to address them, both in treatment and as you begin your new life. The first step is meeting with our expert staff, who will work with you to create an individualized plan that involves CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and a custom-tailored combination of the therapies mentioned above to address your whole self, not just your symptoms.

Recovery Cove cares about you as an individual, and we want to assist you in building a better life. Long-term recovery is the ultimate goal for each of our clients, and we can help you achieve it at our outpatient addiction treatment center in PA. With kindness and compassion, we teach you what you need to know to be successful.

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