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Individual and Group Therapy

Therapy is a vital part of total recovery for an individual who is recovering from substance use.

Detox is only part of the process. Long-term success requires healing of the mind and body.

Recovery can take a lifetime and often involves different steps and therapies that are carefully tailored to the individual. Therapy addresses the mental and emotional needs of the individual, helping to overcome cravings, avoid relapses, and remain happy, healthy, and sober.

At Recovery Cove, we are committed to providing a range of therapy options to address the different needs of our clients. Our research-based approach combined with holistic methods of treatment helps our clients to learn about who they are and what they can do to overcome any type of addiction. Our therapy services vary based on the unique needs of the individual.

At Recovery Cove, we work closely with our clients to ensure their therapy options fit their needs best.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one of the most common and essential forms of substance use treatment. A client will meet with an experienced therapist one-on-one over an extended period of time. This helps a client and healthcare provider develop a rapport and gain a deeper level of understanding. This creates a comfortable environment that makes it easier to explore deeper issues.

Individual therapy helps a client to avoid relapses by identifying different triggers such as environmental factors, situational stressors, and social cues. These therapy sessions are carefully tailored to the needs of the individual. This is a safe space where a client can share information that may be withheld in a larger group setting. This also ensures that areas that need the most attention are successfully addressed.

Recovery Cove

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This form of therapy is commonly used in individual therapy settings. CBT is a research-based approach that helps individuals in recovery learn to recognize their moods and thoughts, especially in situations where drug or alcohol cravings are involved. Identifying these social situations and patterns of addictive behaviors can help the individual stop this thinking, which in turn helps prevent the risk of relapse. CBT provides valuable techniques to get through difficult thoughts and emotions.


Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy is a common aspect of both individual and group therapy sessions. Talk therapy is a great way to work through emotional and mental health concerns that can encourage drug or alcohol reliance. Talk therapy helps individuals learn mental and behavioral techniques to change the way they think and approach stressful situations. This can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle that prevents the risk of relapse.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a setting of peer support that allows our clients to feel more connected and less alone. Recovery can leave an individual feeling isolated and alone. It can be hard for those who haven’t struggled with addiction to understand what the recovery process, and struggles, are really like. In group therapy sessions, individuals are surrounded by others who do understand their experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

Group therapy settings can help develop a sense of camaraderie, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable about opening up to others and sharing their honest thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.

Group meetings may include:

Caring Recovery Professionals

  • 12-step meetings. Many individuals find the structure of AA to be comforting and helpful.
  • Workshops. Workshops can be tailored to address specific types of addiction, specific coping mechanisms, or other valuable topics that support recovery and growth.
  • SMART recovery meetings. SMART stands for self-management and recovery training. These workshops help individuals take control of their negative thoughts and behaviors and transition into positive mindsets through peer and professional support.
  • Seeking safety. This method of treatment addresses co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use. These services are utilized in individual and group settings to help individuals face traumatic situations of the past that led to destructive thoughts and behaviors.

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Family and Couples Therapy

Substance use recovery involves not only the individual in recovery, but their close friends, family, and loved ones.

Addiction can greatly impact relationships, and it can often involve unhealthy enabling or triggering habits. Therapy that involves family can help everyone to learn healthy coping mechanisms to move on from the past and embrace a better outlook in the future.

Additional Forms of Therapy

Therapy is much more than talking with a therapist or others about your journey. There are several different forms of therapies designed to help individuals through their unique healing process. Our professional staff works closely with our clients to determine what therapies would work best for their needs.

Additional forms of therapy include:

  • Medication therapy
  • Social skills therapy
  • Recovery yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Neurofeedback

Therapy at Recovery Cove

At Recovery Cove, we provide a wide range of therapy options to ensure our clients have the best possible support throughout their road to recovery. Our mix of individual and group settings ensures that our clients receive the detailed, individual-specific care they need while also providing peer support for long-term success. We work closely with our clients to ensure their therapy options fit their needs best.


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  • "Welcoming, kindness, and professionalism is what you will receive from Recovery Cove. I am extremely grateful to the whole Recovery Cove team for guiding me through my recovery process. Outpatient therapy is where the real work is done and they have equipped me the skills I need to continue on my sobriety journey. Thank you so much!"
  • "Truly impressed with this recovery center. Very relaxing & encouraging atmosphere. Highly recommended."
  • "THANK YOU RECOVERY COVE! You guys rock, your help with my current situation and your intervention yesterday was impeccable. Without your help I feel that the strides that were made would not have taken place. I am very ingratiated for your knowledge, your persistence, and your selflessness in helping others. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart."
  • "I came to Recovery Cove after a relapse from 10 years of sobriety. I was skeptical because I had been to many other centers and 90% of them were less than and I walked away with nothing. Recovery Cove is different. I was immediately impressed with the facilities but what has really impressed me was the quality of the counselor. They really care and have amazing knowledge. They are kind yet will keep you in line. If you become willing to listen to them and participate in the program, success is there for the taking. You will not regret your choice to come Recovery Cove. I would give them an A+!!"
  • My experience at recovery cove was life changing. The staff made my transition back into the real world feel safe and comfortable. The entire staff was welcoming and open-minded while providing an environment I feel willing to open up in. Christine was my therapist - she was a game changer in my recovery and I appreciate every single interaction I had with her. I’m now hopeful for my future & my recovery journey with a big thanks to christine & the entire recovery cove staff

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